Designed as a single-camera-system, the IntraOne!® combines the advantages of a smart camera solution with the well-established IntraVision software. It can be used for the quality control of  preforms, closures, bottles, containers  as well as labels and decoration.

IntraOne!® can easily be integrated into any production line. Its design allows for use even in the most demanding environments. IntraOne!® uses an integrated industrial PC and is therefore particularly space-saving. The system can be installed quick and effortlessly. Our experienced technicians will help you on site, finding the ideal configuration for your inspection task.

Versatile capabilities

IntraOne!® is based on INTRAVIS’ longtime experience and expertise in  quality control of preforms, closures, bottles, containers as well as labels and decorations. The well-known IntraVision software is installed on the camera enabling use of all proven inspection modules. The system inspects for typical defects  such as contamination, color or contour deviation or even any types of damages with inspection speeds of up to 50 objects/second.

In addition to the basic package consisting of a camera and appropriate lighting for any inspection task, many options are available.

Basic package

  • Color camera with integrated industrial PC
  • IntraVision software including one INTRAVIS inspection module
  • Lighting
  • HMI
  • Control box
  • Complete wiring set (standard of 3m)
  • Mounting for camera and lighting

Additional options

  • Encoder for precision object tracking
  • High performance lighting
  • Additional INTRAVIS inspection module
  • IntraVisualizer software
  • Rejection unit
  • Sensor
  • Complete design in IP65
  • Supporting arm for monitor

Product Flyer

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Application Example

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