The IntraOptimizer is your intelligent production assistant. Through recommended actions, every machine operator can immediately make the right decisions to solve production issues and reduce machine downtimes significantly. Production process optimization as well as the overall effectiveness of your production line will be raised to a new level.

The IntraOptimizer collects and analyses high-precision quality data from your INTRAVIS inspection system during production. At the same time, the IntraOptimizer receives a variety of important process data from the injection molding machine, hot runner, cavity pressure sensors and more. Based on this extensive knowledge data base, every machine operator receives the same reliable recommendations for action and can immediately make targeted decisions in the event of a problem.

IntraOptimizer AI production assistant

At a glance

  • Increased overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) through analysis of product and process data
  • Significant reduction of machine downtimes through real-time recommendation
  • Multiplication of expert knowledge around your production processes through an extensive knowledge database 
  • Simplification of everyday work of your employees thanks to intuitive and ease of use software

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