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In the industry, flawless packaging plays a major role with regard to exclusivity and perfection as well as brand recognition.

Quality Control of Cosmetics & Personal Care Packaging

The packaging of products in the cosmetics and personal care sector should normally highlight the exclusivity of the content and should communicate a unique message. The kind of packaging differs significantly: from different types of shapes, colors and sizes up to multi-layer products and sustainable solutions. Therefore, high-quality products play a major role in this sector to guarantee the satisfaction of demanding customer requirements and a strong brand recognition.

A reliable inspection system helps you to find any kinds of defects. Particularly in the cosmetics sector, the late discovery of a faulty product or even a whole defective batch can result in high costs and damage the brand's reputation. Due to the huge range of inspection criteria of every Intravis system, no defect will find its way to the end consumer. Moreover, code reading and OCR can be used to control and track barcodes, data matrix codes, batch codes as well as customized plain text codes.

No matter if customer requirements are frequently changing – from new shapes to new quality standards or sustainable solutions – with our inspection systems, you are perfectly prepared to various demands. Our vision solutions are equipped with an easy-to-learn, user-friendly interface, and can be quickly adapted to a new product. Moreover, inspection parameters can be adjusted individually to guarantee the satisfaction of your quality needs.

Our inspection solutions for the industry

We offer several vision inspection solutions for cosmetics and personal care packaging. You cannot find the right vision system for your product? Just contact us for a customized solution.

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