Designed as a single-camera-system, the IntraOne combines the advantages of a smart camera solution with the well-established IntraVision software.

The budget-friendly, universally appliable inspection solution

The IntraOne is a single-camera-system that can easily be integrated into any production line. Its design allows for use even in the most demanding environments. The system uses an integrated industrial PC and is therefore particularly space-saving. It is universally applicable: it can be used for the quality control of closures, bottles, containers as well as labels and decoration.

The system can be installed quickly and effortlessly. Together with you and on-site, our experienced service technicians will find the ideal configuration for your inspection task. The system inspects for typical defects such as contamination, color or contour deviation or even any type of damages with an inspection speed of up to 50 objects per second. In addition to the basic package consisting of a camera and appropriate lighting, many options are available.

Smart camera solution as a turnkey system

At a glance

Key features that make the IntraOne unique


Full product quality assurance

Comprehensive inspection of plastic packaging



Modular smart camera solution based on your needs


Space-saving design

Integrable into any production line


Flexible inspection solution

Applicable with all IntraVision modules


Support of fastest production speed

Inspection speed of up to 50 parts per second


Detailed statistics and reports

In-depth insights into your production quality

Typical products to be inspected by the IntraOne!



Typical inspection criteria:

  • Body
  • Color
  • Contour
  • Condaminations


Typical inspection criteria:

  • Presence
  • Identity
  • Position
  • Folds and bubbles


Typical inspection criteria:

  • Condaminations
  • Color
  • Deformation
  • Burn spots

Caps and closures

Typical inspection criteria:

  • Color streaks
  • Microholes
  • Damages
  • Injection gate

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Advantages of data collection

The well-known IntraVision software is installed on the camera which enables the use of all proven inspection modules and software features. Thus, all data collected of the IntraOne is presented in the form of statistics and diagrams. Trends and possible countermeasures can be identified at an early stage.

Moreover, the collected quality data also serves as the basis for comprehensive inspection reports to be submitted to your customers. As a result, you can provide in-depth information about the quality of your entire production.


FAQs about the IntraOne!

  • It depends on your requirements. The IntraOne can be delivered with any IntraVision inspection module known from all other INTRAVIS vision systems. Generally, the system inspects any kind of plastic packaging for dypical defects like contaminations, color, contour deviations or other types of damages.

  • The IntraOne inspects up to 50 objects per second.

  • The IntraOne combines the advantages of a smart camera solution with the well-established IntraVision software. Based on your needs, our service technician will find the best solution for you on-site.

    You will not get package of equipment that you need to mount by your own. You will not get a basic software that you need to program based on your inspection task. You do not need any prior knowledge. We provide the who-le service of a turnkey supplier. Our service technician will install the whole system for you and provide a comprehensive training session for your system users.

  • Basic package:
    • Color Camera with integrated industrial PC
    • IntraVision software including one INTRAVIS inspection module
    • Lighting
    • HMI
    • Control box
    • Complete wiring set (standard of 3 m)
    • Mounting for camera and lighting

    Additional options:
    • Encoder for precision object tracking
    • High performance lighting
    • Additional INTRAVIS inspection module
    • IntraVisualizer software
    • Rejection unit
    • Sensor
    • Complete design in IP 65
    • Supporting arm for monitor


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