Pharma & Medical Industry

In the pharma and medical industry, product safety is of highest priority. In addition, lots of regulations need to be considered.

Quality Management of Pharmaceutical Products

Product safety has top priority in the production of pharmaceutical and medical products. Pharmaceutical and medical packaging with surface defects, a wrong label or code, contaminations or a leaking closure severely endangers the health of patients. This is why vision inspection has become inevitable since it guarantees the quality of 100% of produced parts.

Reducing recall risks and response time play major roles as well. Moreover, an increase in productivity and accuracy should not be disregarded. Thus, it is especially important in the pharma and medical industry to have a tight control over the whole production process. This becomes possible by a huge range of data collected by a vision system. INTRAVIS vision systems convert these data automatically into meaningful statistics, diagrams, and reports.

Not without reason, there are a lot of regulations and laws in the pharmaceutical and medical sector that must be considered in the production process. When implementing an inspection system, it should be ensured that the system complies to all legal requirements.

All these aspects are covered by our inspection systems. Our vision solutions are specifically tailored to the conditions and requirements in the pharmaceutical and medical sector, thus ensuring that your production meets the highest standards.

Pharma inspection application by Hoppmann & Intravis

Together with our partner Hoppmann Solutions B.V., a leading supplier of high-quality industrial automation technology, we developed a customized vision inspection solution for the pharmaceutical market. While Hoppmann cares about handling, feeding as well as assembly, the SpotWatcher plays a key role in terms of a 100% quality control of each and every pharma bottle.

Get more details about this cooperate project in our blog article.


Precision meets Hygiene: IML for the medical industry

As the medical industry continues to advance, the integration of cutting-edge technologies becomes paramount. The video points out how high-precision in-mold labeling can be used for medical products. It's a collaboration between Arburg, MCC Verstraete, Beck Automation, Kebo and Intravis.

The single-stage process produces a completely finished part, leading to reduced transportation and processing costs. Additionally, it minimizes the risk of unhygienic factors. Furthermore, IML ensures authenticity, enabling unparalleled precision in positioning and consistent accuracy. Moreover, the incorporation of RFID and temperature indicators in the label opens up new avenues for tracking in supply chains. Finally, the use of the same plastics in the IML label and carrier simplifies recycling and promotes sustainability.

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Our inspection solutions for the industry

We offer several vision inspection solutions for pharmaceutical and medical packagings. You cannot find the right vision system for your product? Just contact us for a customized solution.

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