Caps & Closures Inspection

We offer a range of different vision inspection systems for the quality control of plastic caps and closures. Suitable periphery equipment for your closure production line is available as well.

Quality assurance of caps and closures

Due to the enourmous speed of a closure production line and high-quality requirements, closure inspection can be a challenging task. During production, common defects like contamination, flash, short shots and defects at the tamper evident band might occur. Our closure vision systems detect these defects effortlessly. In addition, the quality inspection of our systems include many other common and customized inspection criteria like color, cavity number reading, print control, laser engravings, high voltage micro-hole tests, diameter and ovality inspection.

No matter whether you produce standard closures or specialty caps like sports caps or push-pull caps, we offer different solutions for any kind of product. Even tethered caps do not present a problem since our CapWatcher Q-Line is already prepared for the new EU regulation by means of special tethered cap inspection features.

An inspection solution for every specific application


CapWatcher Q-Line

360° closure inspection – bringing the quality lab into your production line


CapWatcher Q-Line Slitter

CapWatcher Q-Line behind a slitting machine


CapWatcher B-Line

The basic solution for the quality control of your closure production


CapWatcher SC

Inspection of specialty closures – a customized solution for unusual caps


CapWatcher Q-Line

Integrated after two injection molding machines



Huge range of peripherial equipment for the smooth processing of your closures

E.g. CapFeeder, Z Cooling Conveyor, Cross Conveyor


CapWatcher FC

Splash-proofed quality control of the filled end product after the filling and capping process

Product portfolio for closure inspection

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Not sure which closure inspection system fits to you?

Our international sales team is looking forward to finding the right inspection solution for your caps and closures, taking your specific needs and requirements into account.


Are you Tethered Caps ready? We are.

The CapWatcher Q-Line is already able to inspect tethered caps typical elements on the inside and outside of the cap.

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