The PreMon is the budget-friendly solution for a high-volume inspection of significant preform quality characteristics. The system gives you immediate production feedback directly after injection.

Powerful. Compact.
Preform Monitoring.

While the preforms being conveyed to the packaging unit, the PreMon delivers real-time quality results of your transparent, translucent and opaque preforms. Due to its minimal footprint, the system can easily be integrated between the injection molding machine and the packaging unit. Active conveying at production speed ensures a smooth production process. With the option PreMon PLUS, you can even add an active bad part ejector.

The system combines a revolutionary massive parallel orientation technology with a preform monitoring concept. It provides a quality overview of your preforms at all times. Immediate production feedback in the form of statistical analyses and alarms help you to further expand your production know-how and get a full production overview. Additionally, the forecast of production trends help you to take corrective actions before problems occur.

Preform monitoring system with Command Station

At a glance

Key features that make the PreMon unique


Immediate feedback

Production quality information directly after injection


High-volume inspection

Quality control of significant preform quality characteristics



Pareto-Concept: high-impact monitoring at less than 20% expense


Ejection of bad parts

Improvement of overall quality in your octabins


Full statistical overview

Extensive statistics, diagrams and reports on good and bad parts


Space-saving design

Easy integration into your production line

Key Components of the PreMon


Preform monitoring

The monitoring unit of the PreMon stands out by its space-saving design. With a minimal footprint, it perfectly fit between the injection molding machine and packaging unit.


Bad part ejector

Combined with the monitoring unit, the active bad part ejector enables you to improve the overall quality of your individual octabins. This leads to a reduction of the defect rate during the initial filling of your octabins.


Command station

The command station consists of the electrical cabinet as well as a monitor. The monitor displays the IntraVision software with all relevant information about the performance of your production.


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Find out about the quality in your octabins!

The octabin statistics provides information on the inspection rate and the type and proportion of defective preforms per packaging unit. Based on this information, each producer can decide for himself and faster than before how to proceed with an octabin.

Watch the video explaining the octabin statistics and its advantages in detail.


Easy and fast reference creation

The PreMon Wizard allows the creation of a new reference during running operation within one minute. The operator is guided through the setup process by simple steps, which are even performed automatically by the system in many cases. A new reference can be created while the production process continues and your products are being inspected.

Find out more about the PreMon Wizard in our blog.


New closed-loop application

Do you think about a particular sustainable production process? If so, the HyPET 400 HPP6e injection molding machine of Husky Technologies in combination with our PreMon monitoring system is the right choice!

  • Closed loop: Color correction, automatic color adjustment, and significantly reduced rPET color variability.
  • Seamless integration: The interface between PreMon and Husky's machine enables direct feedback and adjustment of color values.
  • Eco-friendly innovation: Preform production with 100% rPET supports sustainability without compromising performance.
  • Unmatched speed: The application achieves a speed of over 100,000 preforms per hour.

FAQs about the PreMon

  • The PreMon can inspect up to 72.000 parts per hour.

  • The PreMon inspects your preforms for the most common preform quality characteristics. These include:

    •  Contaminations
    •  Color
    •  Length of injection point
    •  Short shots
    •  Defects at the top sealing surface

  • The preforms can be transparent, translucent or opaque. They should have a diameter of 18 - 50 mm (at the body) and a height of 70 - 180 mm. If these dimensions do not fit to your preforms, please contact us to find an individual solution for you.

  • INTRAVIS offers turnkey systems, worldwide support and training courses as well as comprehensive printed and digital information material for every single system. After the purchase of the system, INTRAVIS does not leave you alone with your new vision system. Moreover, service contracts offer worldwide support and service, even within 24 hours.


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