ColorWatcher Lab

The vision inspection system specializes in the accurate detection and analysis of color deviations on preforms. 

The lab system for your color test

With the rise of the use of recycled material, color can easily deviate from one batch to another. Therefore, it is important to measure color deviation to identify issues with the material and the use of the colors.

To help you analyze even small nuances of the color, we developed a new inspection system specifically dedicated to support you in analyzing the color deviation. The ColorWatcher Lab is a laboratory system for reliable color inspection of transparent, translucent, and opaque preforms.

In-depth inspection of color deviation

At a glance

Key features that make the ColorWatcher Lab unique


Accurate color inspection

using a spectrometer


For any preform

Inspection on transparent, translucent, and opaque preforms


Fast availability of data

Thanks to measurement reports and data export via FASDB adapter and data connection


Extensive user administration

Give each operator their own access rights


Easy to use

Easy-to-learn and easily operable for every user


No change parts required

To save on replacement parts

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