CapWatcher SC

Inspection of specialty closures: from sports caps to closures with several tamper bands. The system is equipped with the right hard- and software to perfectly meet your individual needs.


CapWatcher SC

Inspection of specialty closures: from sports caps to closures with several tamper bands. The system is equipped with the right hard- and software to perfectly meet your individual needs.

Customized inspection for your specialty closures

Special products require special solutions. The CapWatcher SC systems are the perfect solution for every type of specialty closure: push-pull closures, sports caps, flip-top closures, closures with multiple tamper bands or dosing inserts. With the CapWatcher SC you get the security of flawless specialty closures.

As a customized system, the CapWatcher SC offer two guarantees. On the one hand, your solution is specially adapted to your space conditions and the inspection needs for your closure. Even a space-neutral integration can be realized. On the other hand, you get the security that typical defects in the hinges or joints, which commonly occur in specialty closures, will be reliably detected and sorted out.

Fast and precise quality control of specialty closures

At a glance

Key features that make the CapWatcher SC unique


Customized solutions

Quality control perfectly adapted to your needs


Reliable defect detection

Lots of possible inspection criteria for any kind of defect


Full statistical overview

In-depth insights into your production quality


Comprehensive reports

To be submitted to your customers


Forecast of trends

Solving of potential production issues before they occur


Turnkey system

Ready-to-use system with broad support and training

Inspection criteria of the CapWatcher SC



  • Horizontal & vertical long shots
  • Open & closed short shots
  • Damaged pull tabs
  • scratches & pressure marks
  • Damaged or protruding flaps
  • Missing, incomplete or defective tamper-evident bands


  • Diameter
  • Height of the closure
  • Ovality
  • Injection gate inspection

Visual characteristics

  • Contaminations
  • Burn marks
  • Color deviations
  • Flow lines


  • Assembly faults
  • Missing components
  • Rotary position
  • Closure position
  • Sealing elements
  • Liners
  • Promotional items

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Your benefits of data collection

Thanks to extensive data collection, you have the full production overview: you get all information to realize process analyses and improvements. All data collected in the inspection software is presented in the form of statistics, diagrams and reports. Trends and possible countermeasures can be identified at an early stage.

It even becomes possible to optimize your production process by reporting inspection results back to the ERP or QM system – leading to less material and product waste.


FAQs about the CapWatcher SC

  • It depends on your requirements. The inspection software is individually adapted to your closures and their typical defect types.

    Generally, the system inspects closures for material defects, manufacturing defects, defects on tamper bands and tamper-evident closures as well as defects at joints and hinges. The inspection for missing components, closure height, diameter, ovality and flow lines is also possible.

  • Any kind of speciality closures! This can be flip-top closures, sports caps (including push-pull closures), tube closures, closures for the chemicals industry or oil closures.

  • No worries, we can draw on more than 10 years of experience in the specialty closures market and we already found a huge range of solutions for particular unusual closures.

  • Yes, of course. The more data you have on your production, the more confident you can be about the quality of a batch or a delivery. All data is available for direct transfer to your ERP or CRM system. Furthermore, machine-to-machine communication between the vision system and the injection molding machine even allows for a closed loop concept.

  • INTRAVIS offers turnkey systems, worldwide support and training courses as well as comprehensive printed and digital information material for every single system. After the purchase of the system, INTRAVIS does not leave you alone with your new vision system. Moreover, service contracts offer worldwide support and service, even within 24 hours.


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