CapWatcher FC

The system conducts a splash-proofed quality control of the filled end product. Its Washdown Design is perfectly adjusted to the challenges in the wet area of the filling line.

Splash-proofed quality control of the filled end product

The INTRAVIS Washdown Design, the application angle inspection, and the fill level verification are only a few of the many technological innovations the CapWatcher FC combines in one inspection system. With the CapWatcher FC, we complete our comprehensive product portfolio in terms of closure quality control, not only before but also after the filling and capping process.

With the splash-proofed Washdown Design, a new standard in the inspection technology could be set. The stainless-steel housing prevents corrosion, and the particularly durable blue sealings are resistant against fluids and standard cleaning processes on the market. Thus, our customers’ hygienic demands can be entirely met.

Washdown-resistant design for closure inspection

At a glance

Key features that make the CapWatcher FC unique


Overall quality assurance

Comprehensive inspection after filling and capping


Advanced monitoring

Efficient and economical filling and capping process



Automatic camera height adjustment in case of a product change


Washdown Design

Fulfills the market’s and customers hygienic demands


Technological innovations

Application angle inspection, fill level verification, splash-proofed, …


Comprehensive statistics

Correlated with the filler and capper stations

Inspection criteria of the CapWatcher FC


For plastic closures

  • Presence
  • Skewed/crooked closure 
  • Domed closure 
  • Elevated closure 
  • Missing tamper-evident band 
  • Damage on tamper-evident band

For plastic closures on PET bottles

  • Application angle inspection

For PET bottles

  • Fill level verification

For metal closures

  • Presence
  • Skewed/crooked closure 
  • Domed closure
  • Elevated closure

For glass bottles

  • Fill level verification

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Application angle inspection &
filler capper tracking

It is of great importance that only correctly sealed and accurately applied closures find their way to the end consumers. The CapWatcher FC ensures this with the high-precision application angle inspection which determines the relative angular position of a barely perceptible mark on the bottle to a mark on the closure.

The system does not only verify the fill level to give certainty about the completion of the filling process but also correlates inspection results with the filler and capper stations. Thus, our customers receive process feedback and achieve a more efficient and economical production process in the sense of Industry 4.0. 


FAQs about the CapWatcher FC

  • The CapWatcher FC inspects up to 12 closures on filled bottles per second.

  • Criteria for plastic closures
    • Presence
    • Skewed/crooked closure
    • Domed closure
    • Elevated closure
    • Missing tamper-evident band
    • Damage on tamper-evident band

    Criteria for metal closures

    • Presence
    • Skewed/crooked closure
    • Domed closure
    • Elevated closure

    Criteria for plastic closures on PET bottles

    • Application angle inspection

    Criteria for PET and glass bottles

    • Fill level verification
  • Standard one-piece beverage closures

    Standard two-piece beverage closures

    Metal closures (with a limited scope of inspection)

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