Periphery for
Closure Lines

Our periphery equipment forms an outstanding team in combination with the CapWatcher systems and provides optimal conditions for a smooth processing of your closures.

The entire closure line periphery from one source

Based on over 25 years of industry experience, our periphery equipment provides an ideal solution for every closure production line. As a reliable partner, we offer customized developments based on your needs, simple integration, and worldwide service. Whether it's a vision inspection system, the packaging station or periphery, we provide the entire equipment for your closure production – everything from a single source.

With its adjustable cooling and gentle conveying, the Cooling Conveyor provides optimal conditions for homogeneous cooling of your closures. This results in increased form stability and better product quality. The Cross Conveyor ensures reliable conveying of your closures and a well-defined interface to your injection molding machine. If a high-speed feeder for your closures is needed, the CapFeeder is the right choice: For even more space savings in a vertical arrangement with the Tower Hopper.

The saving potentials of the total cost of ownership (TCO) are particularly outstanding if you combine the CapFeeder with our closure vision systems.

At a glance

Key periphery components for your production line of closures


Cooling Conveyor

Uniform cooling for increased form stability


Cross Conveyor

Reliable conveying based on your needs



Most powerful high-speed feeder on the market


CapFeeder + Tower Hopper

High-speed feeding on a footprint of just 3m² thanks to vertical arrangement

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Cooling Conveyor

The highlights of the Cooling Conveyor include mobile stainless steel housing as well as low-wear and FDA-compliant modular chain belt conveyor. In addition, it can be connected to the IntraVision software making the conveyor an ideal component for your production line.

With an output of up to 275,000 closures per hour, the Cooling Conveyor can keep up the pace with all production rates.

The powerful closure cooling for your production line

Cross Conveyor

The robust stainless steel housing and the low-wear, FDA-compliant modular chain belt conveyor as well as a well-defined interface to your injection molding machine are just some of the highlights that make the cross conveyor the optimal component for your production line.

Our customizable funnel solutions enable integration into every injection molding machine.

The conveying solution for your closure line


The CapFeeder is an innovative, cost-efficient and easy-to-handle solution, offering the security of a high-quality closure production. In combination with the CapWatcher, it promises great saving potential for your inspection line.

Different combinations of line layouts and intermediate buffers offer a wide range of configurations to meet different layout needs. In close cooperation with you, we will work out the optimal solution for your closure production.

High-performance feeder for your closures

CapFeeder + Tower Hopper

The CapFeeder with the Tower Hopper addresses one of the biggest problems in modern production facilities. It was developed for cramped production environments and gives our customers the opportunity to maximize the use of their production space – even at highest production speeds of up to 288.000 closures per hour.

The Tower Hopper is arranged vertically above the CapFeeder and significantly reduces the footprint of the production line.  We adapt the layout specifically to our customers' requirements and wishes. The result is a space saving of up to 40% compared to similar layouts. 

Compact & space-saving feeding solution

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