The IntraVision is the heart of every Intravis system: It presents the fundamental software which is extended by application-specific inspection modules.

The basis software for the quality control of your production

Only our inspection software, the IntraVision, makes the INTRAVIS inspection systems what they are: helpful tools for every production line. Thanks to the IntraVision, the setup is simple, the operation easy and the evaluation of results always immediately possible. In addition, it allows for the fulfillment of important regulations – whether specified by your customers or by law.

All inspection modules are embedded in the IntraVision. Cavity- and carrier-related statistics, diagrams and reports illustrate the quality of the production, taking individually adjustable parameters into account. In addition, the IntraVision offers a comprehensive possibility of authorization assignment, and an internal system monitoring that supports maintenance work.

IntraVision software user interface

At a glance

Key features that make the IntraVision unique


Fundamental part of every inspection

Extended by modules perfectly meeting your needs


Process safety

Compliance with legal regulations and laws


Simple user interface

Easy-to-learn and easily operable for every user


Overall production overview

Extensive statistical evaluations and reports


Process optimization

Trend calculations to detect errors ahead of schedule


Individually adjustable parameter

Based on the demands of your production

The IntraVision software user interface


System status

Different light signals and notifications show the current system status at first glance.

Measurement mode

This is a button to start and stop the measurement mode. There are a lot of functionalities that are even possible within active measurement mode. Thus, it is not necessary to stop the measurement mode for every small modification of settings.


Current inspection object

The system user gets an overview of the current images taken for inspection.

Image memory

The IntraVision has a measurement image memory, error image memory and long-term image memory. The user can have a look at the last images taken and evaluate the production performance.

Reject rate

Overall reject rate at first glance

Product management

The system user can save all products and their settings in the product management. Thus, it is possible to load them in future without the necessity of creating every reference again.

Statistical overview

The user interface directly shows current statistical data in various time intervals and display modes about all inspection criteria individually. These data is condensed in meaningful reports which can be exported in various forms.


The user can log in with a user name and password. Moreover, comprehensive possibilities of authorization assignments are possible so that every user gets only the access rights needed to fulfill his/her tasks.


A huge range of additional software features can be found in this menu. Only a few examples are the audit trail, system self-monitoring, command log, reject rate monitoring, alarm history, and warning threshold.


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