Household & Industrial Chemicals

In the industry, quality plays an important role to meet the customers‘ expectations and to deliver safe products.

Quality Assurance of Household & Industrial Chemical Products

In packaging of household and industrial chemicals, the quality of the whole product – from the closure over the bottle up to the label – plays a major role to create a high-quality and safety perception in the mind of consumers. INTRAVIS vision inspection systems help you meet the customers’ expectations so that no product with deformations, contaminations or any kind of damages reaches the market.

Especially in the field of household and industrial chemicals, it is important that the product packaging is impeccable. Products may contain harmful liquids or powders and should not leak out of the packaging beyond control. Otherwise, consumers may get injured leading to damaging consequences for the whole brand.

For perfect product tracking, our vision solutions offer the opportunity to inspect any kind of code. Especially the inspection and reading of the mandatory UFI code plays a crucial role to ensure the code’s print quality and to be protected in case of legal disputes.

Our inspection solutions for the industry

We offer several vision inspection solutions for household and industrial chemicals. You cannot find the right vision system for your product? Just contact us for a customized solution.

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