The new way in the quality assurance of your sleeve labels: The SleeveWatcher is a turnkey vision solution exclusively designed for sleeve labels.



The new way in the quality assurance of your sleeve labels: The SleeveWatcher is a turnkey vision solution exclusively designed for sleeve labels.

Your inspection solution focused on sleeve labels

The SleeveWatcher is the first system exclusively designed for sleeve labels. Thus, the vision system guarantees a comprehensive 360° inspection at a speed of up to 15 objects per second. As a turnkey system, it can be easily integrated into your existing production line. Even not perfectly oriented objects can be easily inspected with the help of a rotation detection.

The specially arranged hardware and the IntraVision software are optimally adjusted to the challenging characteristics of this type of label. A completely new lighting technology produces a very homogeneous light, thereby minimizing sleeve-typical reflections and thus false rejects. With the help of the easy-to-use software user interface, the reference for a new product can be created within seconds.

Quality control of sleeve-specific defects

In addition to the pure separation of faulty parts, the SleeveWatcher is particularly characterized by the collection of product-related quality data. The system provides very detailed statistics and diagrams about what specific defect type caused the ejection. Trends and possible countermeasures can be identified at an early stage.

The collected quality data also serves as the basis for comprehensive inspection reports to be submitted to your customers. As a result, you can provide in-depth information about the quality of your entire production down to individual batches or packaging units at any time.

At a glance

Key features that make the SleeveWatcher unique


Specialized hard- and software

Perfect conditions for sleeve inspection to avoid false rejects


100% quality control

Assurance of delivery quality and avoidance of complaints


Support of fastest production speed

Sharp, clear pictures at high-speed (up to 15 objects per second)


Extensive statistical information

In-depth insights into your production quality


Complete turnkey package

Ready-to-use and easy-to-handle vision system


Space-saving design

Smooth integration into your production line on 1 m² 

Inspection criteria of the SleeveWatcher


Basic inspection

  • Presence
  • Identity
  • Gross print errors
  • Gross contaminations


  • Horizontal offset
  • Vertical offset

Code reading

  • Barcodes
  • Data matrix codes
  • Clear text codes
  • UFI codes
  • Batch codes
  • Customized codes

Folds and holes

Inspection for folds and holes all over the sleeve label.


Smiling and frowning effects

It is inspected whether the label is distorted downwards at the bottle neck (smiling effect) or upwards at the bottle base (frowning effect).


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Customized inspection solutions

As a turnkey system, the SleeveWatcher can be easily integrated into an existing production line behind the shrink tunnel. If required, we will be glad to provide you with all necessary components – for example an ejector for filled or unfilled objects, a separator or a conveyor belt.

Special products require special solutions. We will be pleased to customize your SleeveWatcher with additional cameras, lightings and inspection modules, to ensure that no corner of your product remains uninspected and no production defect is missed.


FAQs about the SleeveWatcher

  • The SleeveWatcher inspects up to 15 objects per second for sleeve-specific characteristics.

  • We know that sleeve labels have become more and more popular because they offer a large advertising space and stand out from the shelf. However, they pose major challenges in the production process, as the lighting technology used in common label inspection systems usually produces strong reflections. These reflections, in turn, result in an increased false ejection and unnecessary workload. The SleeveWatcher meets this challenge with a specially arranged hardware and a software which is optimally adjusted to the challenging characteristics of sleeve labels. For example, a specially developed lighting unit illuminates the entire inspection area and produces a very homogeneous light. This significantly minimizes the risk of reflections and ensures a reliable production.

  • The SleeveWatcher is able to inspect for general criteria like label presence, label identity, vertical and horizontal position, gross print errors and contaminations. Moreover, the system is specially designed to find sleeve-specific defects, for example smiling and frowning effects, local distortions, folds and holes. The reading of any kinds of codes is also possible.

  • INTRAVIS offers turnkey systems, worldwide support and training courses as well as comprehensive printed and digital information material for every single system. After the purchase of the system, INTRAVIS does not leave you alone with your new vision system. Moreover, service contracts offer worldwide support and service, even within 24 hours.


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