The IntraVisualizer is a data analytics software that collects and analyzes all quality data of INTRAVIS inspection systems in one place. It helps to minimize the production of faulty products, and to finally maximize the efficiency of your production.

Data that empowers

No matter which plastic packaging components you are producing, challenges are just around the corner. Whether it is lightweighting, the mandatory use of recycled material or the introduction of tethered caps - there are many reasons to constantly review your product data to improve the production quality.
The IntraVisualizer is a data analytics software that collects and analyzes all quality data of INTRAVIS inspection systems in one place. The software provides comprehensive insights and analysis of all gathered quality data. By this, it helps to detect trends, to minimize the amount of faulty products and to finally maximize the efficiency of your production.

Benefits at a glance


Minimize production costs

Proactively detect trends to reduce waste


Maximize your throughput

Identify room for improvement on your production processes


Save time

Easy to use - no time waste to monitor your products quality


Optimize product changeover schedules

Insights for planning your maintenance schedule


Available everywhere at any time

Browser-based software to use on any digital device


Fast decision making

Comprehensive insights to support the decision-making process

Value for your teams

The IntraVisualizer supports your team in everyday work.


Quality Team

  • Reduce time for data analysis
  • Assure quality standards
  • Accelerate material and product testing
  • Minimize recalls

Management Team

  • Monitor status of production
  • Identify training needs by comparing quality during different shifts
  • Gain strategic insights



Manufacturing Team

  • Identify cavity issues to plan product and mold changeovers
  • Investigate root-cause-relations to improve your production process
  • React quickly to unforeseen events

Take advantage of your data with the IntraVisualizer

Leverage the treasure of information you have available on your site every day to improve the quality of your products.

We are here to support you in exploring the opportunities that are already available to you.

Why choosing IntraVisualizer?

  • Live monitoring of your production quality anywhere and anytime
  • Retrieve historical data to quickly manage customer claims
  • Compare and analyze the quality performance between products, shifts, batches, and days
  • Detect quality trends and identify anomalies before they become issues
  • Browser-based: available on any device
  • Cloud solution allows for data security, flexibility and easy access

FAQs about the IntraVisualizer

  • The purpose of IntraVisualizer is not to replace your MES (Management Execution System), rather it is an extra support to improve your production efficiency by reducing the production of defective products.

    While the MES focuses on organizing the entire production process, IntraVisualizer focuses on primarily supporting the quality department in doing a faster and more accurate analysis in order to reduce scrap rates. The IntraVisualizer provides exact quality information at your fingertips that helps the quality and production manager to assess, for example, whether there is a failure in the raw material or machine.

  • Most software that calculates the OEE focuses on the availability and performance of your machines. However, for quality, it will only count good and bad parts. With the IntraVisualizer, we want to provide you with the reasons behind the production of faulty parts to improve your quality and rapidly fulfil orders.

  • The IntraVisualizer supports both small quality teams and large teams that do an in-depth analysis of quality performance.

    If you busily handle multiple tasks, the IntraVisualizer is the right solution for you to get an overview of your product quality and to react faster to future problems. For example, every morning you can quickly see how the previous day's production was going. Also, in case you receive complaints from customers, you can easily investigate old inspections and productions to quickly resolve disputes and maintain a good relationship to your customers.

  • The IntraVisualizer has been developed with an adjusted resolution based on the digital device. Therefore, it can be used on laptop, tablet, mobile, as well as monitor in the plant.

    The IntraVisualizer is available for the following browsers: Safari, Chrome and Edge.

  • The IntraVisualizer is a software. In order to work, it requires the installation of one Edge Device Bundle (hardware) per Intravis inspection system connected to the IntraVisualizer. It includes two hardware components: a firewall to protect your inspection systems, and an Edge Device, which offers additional computer and storage capacity to locally process data and thereby reducing latency.


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The IntraVisualizer supports a cloud infrastructure.

With a cloud solution, you will enjoy the flexibility and scalability of a cloud solution.
There is no need of IT infrastructure. Leverage the simplicity of a hosted solution with automatic updates and backups.