LabelWatcher 360°

The turnkey system offers a comprehensive quality inspection of self-adhesive labels. Thereby, products can have any rotational position.

The all-round label inspection in any rotational position

The LabelWatcher 360° is designed for the quality control of self-adhesive labels that are applied to plastic packagings during the production process. The hardware and software of the vision system focus on defects that can typically occur during the labeling process. It provides a 100% inspection which allows for full production control and flawless deliveries.

A special feature of the compact stand-alone solution is the possibility to integrate it into the production line at any point after the labeling machine. The products to be inspected can have any production shape and any rotational position during inspection. With the help of a sophisticated process, the machine operator can set up new products within a remarkably short time.

360° all-round inspection of self-adhesive labels

At a glance

Key features that make the LabelWatcher 360° unique


Assurance of product quality

Full 360° inspection of self-adhesive labels

Especially for non-oriented products

Thanks to unique features, the rotational position does not matter

Flexible integration

At any position after the labeling machine

Customized solution

Self-developed hardware and software based on 30 years of experience

High performance

Applicable even with the fastest labelers (up to 10 p/s)

Production optimization

Extensive statistics, reports and trend calculations incl. export functionality

Inspection criteria of the LabelWatcher 360°


Basic inspection

  • Presence
  • Identity
  • Print defects
  • Contaminations


  • Vertical arwork offset
  • Horizontal artwork offset (in case of non-rotationally symmetric products)

Fold and bubble detection

Inspection for folds and bubbles in the label.


Code reading

  • Barcodes
  • Data Matrix codes
  • QR codes
  • Plain text codes
  • Batch codes
  • Customized codes

Label joint

Inspection of the label joint of 360° labels for overlaps, too small/large gap sizes and misalignments.

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Your data source for production optimization

The IntraVision software provides the basis for a comprehensive analysis of your production line. All data collected during visual inspection is clearly presented in various statistics and diagrams. With the help of the reporting functionality, the data can be exported in a structured way. In addition, trend calculations ensure that potential defect sources are identified before they occur. Moreover, compliance with legal regulations and customer-specific requirements is ensured at all times.


Special functionalities for a 100% quality control

Based on our long-term experience in the inspection of labeling and decoration, we have developed a new, innovative illumination concept with in-house developed light fields. The entire label is homogeneously illuminated, so that defects can be reliably detected even at the label edges. At the same time, reflections are prevented that would disturb the inspection and would lead to false rejects.

Furthermore, the inspection system supports you in quickly setting up new products. With the help of the training wizard Assistant 360°, the machine operator is guided step by step through the reference creation. This eliminates the need for time-consuming image collection of different rotational positions.


FAQs about the LabelWatcher 360°

  • The LabelWatcher is usually equipped with two cameras to inspect front and back labels. The system is often integrated directly into the labeling machine and inspects products that always have the same rotational position in front of the cameras. The LabelWatcher 360°, on the other hand, is a stand-alone system that is designed to inspect all-round labels. The products can have any rotational position in front of the cameras

  • We offer an inspection system for each label type which focuses on the special features of the respective label type. The hardware and software of the LabelWatcher 360° are designed for inspecting self-adhesive labels, which are applied to the product all around. The software contains the appropriate inspection criteria. The hardware provides a targeted camera and illumination setup including extraneous light shielding.

    The inspection system is delivered turnkey and installed by one of our service technicians. In addition, the machine operators receive extensive training on the system. After-sales service such as 24/7 availability, spare parts supply and annual service checks are available as well.

  • The inspection system can inspect up to 10 parts per second. Thus, it can keep up with all common linear and rotary labeling machines.
  • Label inspection:

    • Label presence
    • Label identity
    • Print defects
    • Contaminations
    • Vertical offset
    • Artwork offset
    • Folds
    • Bubbles
    • Inspection of label joint line (in case of a 360° label)

    Code reading:

    • Barcodes
    • Data Matrix codes
    • QR codes
    • Plain text codes
    • Batch codes
    • Customized codes
  • Yes, our systems are designed to let you set up new products independently and use all functionalities. Nevertheless, we do not leave you alone with your new vision system. After purchase and commissioning, we offer worldwide support. Training courses and comprehensive printed and digital information material are adapted to each individual system and provided to the customer. In addition, service contracts offer, for example, the possibility to contact us by phone 24/7.

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