CapWatcher B-Line

The CapWatcher B-Line is the basic, cost-effective and compact solution for your closure inspection. Major problems and substantial costs created by the production of defective closures will be avoided. 

Basic. Budget-friendly. Beneficial.

The CapWatcher B-Line is the basic solution for your closure inspection. For the new system, we implemented a modular concept. This enables the adjustment to individual needs of the customer with regard to basic inspection criteria as well as the periphery. Moreover, we guarantee a time-saving and convenient integration into the customer’s production line.

By using this cost-effective and compact vision system, major problems and substantial costs created by the production of defective closures will be avoided. It provides all significant inspection criteria for a fast and accurate quality control. Overall, this ensures a flawless and efficient closure production.  

Fundamental closure inspection on a small footprint

At a glance

Key features that make the CapWatcher B-Line unique


Modular solution

Adjusted to the individual needs of the customer


Particularly flexible

Inspection of closures with diameters up to 63mm


Compact design

Fundamental closure inspection on a small footprint


Significant inspection criteria

Most important inspections included to avoid major costs


Cavity-related statistics

In-depth insights into your production quality


Convenient commissioning

Time-saving integration into the production line

Inspection criteria of the CapWatcher B-Line


Inside inspection

  • Contamination
  • Seal cone: inner diameter, ovality and defects
  • Damaged thread
  • Flashes and short shots
  • Color deviation
  • Diameter of the closure 

Outside inspection

  • Height of the closure
  • Diameter of the closure
  • Contamination
  • Color deviation 
  • Absence of the tamper-evident band
  • Damage of the tamper-evident band
  • Flashes / short shots

Cavity number reading


  • Cavity-related and in-depth statistics
  • Cavity blacklisting

Liner inspection

  • Presence
  • Incomplete liner
  • Defective liner

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Full flexibility for your closure production line

The flexible concept of the CapWatcher B-Line allows the inspection of a wide product range. To assure optimal inspection results, the specific hardware and software components are adjusted to the geometry of the closures. For example, the optimal choice of cameras, lenses and their distance to the closures enable the inspection of closures with a diameter of 20 to 63 mm and a height of 8 to 30 mm.

Thereby, we implement a fully flexible integration into the customer’s production line: Either on the customer’s conveyor belt or on our transport system including a vacuum conveyor belt, a frame with an extraneous light protection, a signal tower and much more.

Taking all of these aspects into account, we are proud to present the new CapWatcher B-Line as: Basic. Budget-friendly. Beneficial. 


FAQs about the CapWatcher B-Line

  • The inside inspection is always included. The outside inspection and the cavity number reading (respectively liner inspection) are optionally available

  • Yes, we can also provide you with additional equipment like a high-performance feeder, a cooling conveyor and a cross conveyor.

    Besides the integration of the CapWatcher B-Line on a conveyor belt of the customer, we also offer a transport system including a vacuum conveyor belt, extraneous light protection etc.

  • The CapWatcher B-Line inspects up to 40 closures per second.

  • With the CapWatcher B-Line, INTRAVIS is pursuing the approach of modularity on the basis of a cost-effective structure, combining all important inspections on a small footprint. On the other hand, the CapWatcher Q-line is our most comprehensive closure inspection system gathering encompassing data and statistics. Trends and possible countermeasures can be identified at an early stage. Thus, the CapWatcher Q-Line is bringing the quality lab into your production line. 

  • Yes! We offer turnkey systems with lots of functionalities and settings which are easy to handle. Moreover, we provide worldwide support and training as well as comprehensive printed and digital information material for every single system. After the purchase of the system, we do not leave you alone with your new vision system.  Moreover, service contracts offer worldwide support and service, even within 24 hours.


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