Do you study engineering or science and like to work independently? Are you proficient in the use of text documents and have knowledge in the fields of electrical engineering, automation, software development or vision? We not only provide assistants and trainees with entry level experience, but also supervise graduates, diploma thesis and semester papers on specific topics matching during an internship. Also dissertations have been written with us. We look forward to receiving your application! For years we are a global leader in vision inspection systems for the plastic packaging industry. Our customers are well-known global players in the fields of plastic packaging for industrial and consumer goods worldwide. We pass on our knowledge to new employees to learn and grow together. The spirit of cooperation and a strong team spirit are a part of our core values.
Taking a close look at your qualification details, we check if you meet the basic requirements for INTRAVIS and can be considered for an appropriate job vacancy. If this is not the case, your application will be kept in the application process for a certain period of time. If in this time an appropriate vacancy occurs, we will inform you as soon as possible.



Let's talk! Please send your application and resume along with any supporting documents including salary expectations to:

Attn: Dr. Gerd Fuhrmann
Rotter Bruch 26 a
52068 Aachen

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