NPE 2024

Meet the Intravis team at the largest plastics trade show in the Americas! Have a chat with us at the Intravis booth and take a look at our 6 exhibits on site.

6 - 10 May 2024

NPE 2024 - Our review

A dynamic and highly motivated team of experts from all over the world presented the variety of INTRAVIS inspection solutions to familiar faces and new prospects.

Join us on a short journey through the week of NPE 2024 and watch the video.

Hot topics at NPE 2024

This May, NPE will be a global highlight for all market players in the plastics industry. The most important trends and developments in the plastics industry will be united in one place. In today's market, consumers are increasingly drawn to environmentally safe and lightweight products, driving innovation towards sustainable and recyclable solutions. With a high emphasis on efficiency and performance, smart and digital solutions play an ever growing role in the production process of plastic products. The popularity of cloud solutions in production facilities has gained significant momentum in recent times. Moreover, as plastics play a vital role in the medical industry, NPE presents a platform to highlight new developments in patient-focused, traceable and reliable medical solutions.


At Intravis, we continue to address these evolving industry dynamics, offering a range of exhibits at NPE that align with the latest industry trends. Check out 6 running systems at our own booth and several partner booths!

Where to find us at NPE?

INTRAVIS will have a total of 6 systems running at NPE: 2 in our booth in South Hall, Level 1, S15062, Bottle Zone. And 4 systems in partner booths shown below.  Our sales managers will be available at all sites.



Booth: South Hall Level 1, Expo Hall, S15063, Bottle Zone

Our own booth with several opportunities for networking, discussions and meetings.

Contact us to schedule an appointment with your preferred contact person at Intravis.

Exhibited systems:

  • LabelWatcher 360° (click here for more details)
  • SpotWatcher Customized (click here for more details)




Exhibited system: IMLWatcher Medical

Booth: West Building Level 2, Expo Hall, W3743

In cooperation with MCC Verstraete, Beck Automation, Kebo and Arburg.

Please click here for further information about the exhibited system.



Husky Technologies

Exhibited system: PreMon

In cooperation with Husky Technologies

Booth: West Building Level 2, Expo Hall, W2801

Please click here for further information about the exhibited system.



Exhibited system: IMLWatcher Integrated

In cooperation with Milacron & Beck Automation

Booth: West Building Level 2, Expo Hall, W1601

Please click here for further information about the exhibited system.



Exhibited system: CapWatcher Q-Line

In cooperation with Netstal

Booth: West Building, Level 2, Expo Hall, W223

Please click here for further information about the exhibited system.

Our partners

CapWatcher Q-Line

  • In cooperation with Netstal
  • Booth: West Building, Level 2, Expo Hall, W223
  • Integration: after injection molding machine of Netstal
  • 128 cavities
  • Cycle time: 1.9 sec
  • Product rate: up to 80 p/s

Key functionalities: 

  • Micro-hole inspection
  • Temperature measurement
  • Top wall inspection
  • CapFeeder: Powerful high-speed feeding
  • Cooling Conveyor: Uniform closure cooling and high form stability
  • AirDiverter: Efficient filling of octabins for a steady production process




Key functionalities:

  • Closed-loop application: Color correction, automatic color adjustment, and significantly reduced rPET color variability.

  • Seamless integration: The interface between PreMon and Husky's HyPET 400 HPP6e enables direct feedback and adjustment of color values.

  • Eco-friendly innovation: The extremely light 20oz bottle crafted entirely from 100% rPET supports sustainability and a circular economy.

  • Unmatched speed: Due to the 144-cavity setup and a cycle time of 4.5 seconds, the machine achieves a speed of over 100,000 preforms per hour.


IMLWatcher Medical

  • In cooperation with Arburg, MCC Verstraete, Beck Automation and Kebo
  • Booth: West Building Level 2, Expo Hall, W3743
  • Integration into robot handling of Beck Automation
  • Inspection object: Transparent medical tubes with a colored scale
  • 8 cavities
  • 4 cameras installed

Key functionalities: 

  • In-mold label inspection
  • Neck inspection
  • Thread measurement
  • Detection of Print-to-cut offset
  • Extended software functionalities: Audit trail, warning threshold, advanced user administration, long-term image memory

IMLWatcher Integrated

  • In cooperation with Beck Automation and Milacron
  • Booth: West Building Level 2, Expo Hall, W1601
  • Integration: into Beck's robot of Milacron's injection molding machine
  • Inspection object: 5 gallon pails
  • 2 cavities
  • 5 cameras installed

Key functionalities:

  • 360° side label inspection
  • Short shot inspection
  • Inspection of unlabeled inner side of pail




LabelWatcher 360°

  • At the INTRAVIS booth (South Hall Level 1, Expo Hall, S15063, Bottle Zone)
  • Inspection objects: round and uniquely shaped containers
  • 6 cameras installed

Key functionalities: 

  • Inspection of unoriented objects - no matter which rotational position and object shape
  • 360° side label inspection
  • 1D/2D code reading
  • Opening inspection
  • Extended software functionalities: Advanced user administration, warning threshold, long-term image memory

SpotWatcher Customized

  • At the INTRAVIS booth (South Hall Level 1, Expo Hall, S15063, Bottle Zone)
  • New Design: higher flexiblity, lower delivery times

Key functionalities: 

  • Contour inspection
  • Color inspection
  • Opening inspection
  • Extended software funtionalities: Advanced user administration, extended statistics, warning threshold, reject rate monitoring, long-term image memory

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Let us know that you will attend

All our sales managers of Intravis Inc. and some of Intravis GmbH will be present at NPE 2024. If you would like to make sure to not miss your preferred contact person, let us know in advance which day and time fits best for you.