Six cameras, six megapixel. Every single closure is precisely measured. This way decisions can be made more accurately.

Breathtaking speeds: The CapWatcher S-Line is able to inspect 288,000 closures per hour thanks to the newly designed mechanics of the system. The handling is so safe and gentle that even the lightest closures will remain undamaged.

The CapWatcher S-Line inspects each closure for the following defect criteria:

Inside inspection criteria using one color camera:

  • Diameter and ovality of tamper evident band
  • Diameter and ovality of the seal cone
  • Damages to the seal cone
  • Spots and contamination on the inside of the head plate
  • Color deviation
  • Flow lines
  • Radial flash
  • Damaged flaps
  • Liner defects

Outer inspection criteria using four color cameras:

  • Open and closed short shots
  • Spots on the outer wall
  • Missing tamper evident band
  • Flash
  • Raised flaps
  • Closure height


Cavity number reading using one color camera:

  • Reading and rejection based on the cavity numbers
  • Advanced cavity-related statistics, also for microhole defects

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