Only our inspection software, the IntraVision, makes the INTRAVIS inspection systems what they are: helpful tools for every production line. Thanks to the IntraVision, the setup is simple, the operation easy and the evaluation of results always immediately possible. In addition, it allows for the fulfillment of important regulations - whether specified by your customers or by law.

All inspection modules are embedded in the IntraVision. Cavity- and carrier-related statistics, diagrams and reports illustrate the quality of the production, taking individually adjustable parameters into account. In addition, the IntraVision offers a comprehensive possibility of authorization assignment, and an internal system monitoring that supports maintenance work.

IntraVision inspection software of INTRAVIS

At a glance

  • Assistance with various production processes
  • Process integraton of further plant systems
  • Data export via FAS
  • Process safety through compliance with legal regulations
  • Extensive statistics and reports
  • Simple and easy-to-learn user interface

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Application areas of the IntraVision


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