The IntraVisualizer is a software that provides a quick overview of all production quality data. It visualizes the data of all INTRAVIS systems on site simultaneously and can be used by connecting the systems to a SQL server. As a result, all quality relevant production figures are transferred into clear graphs, which can be accessed on any internet browser capable device within the company.

Time periods and parameters selectable

Different time periods, such as shifts, days or even batches can be visualized. Values such as ovality, diameter or circumference can be selected with a mouse click. Moreover, individual measurement results or even the associated measurement images can be displayed, also defects of specific cavities can be added to the display.

A special benefit: The IntraVisualizer creates a trend statistic if necessary which helps to minimize the scrap rate. During production, the software shows the status of selected product parameters and analyzes trends. If a trend continues towards defective products, the user has the opportunity to intervene production and adjust the product parameters again.

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