No matter which plastic packaging components you are producing, challenges are just around the corner. Whether it is lightweighting, the mandatory use of recycled material or the introduction of tethered caps - there are many reasons to constantly review your product data to improve the production quality.

The IntraVisualizer is a data analytics software that collects and analyzes all quality data of INTRAVIS inspection systems in one place. The software provides comprehensive insights and analysis of all gathered quality data. By this, it helps to detect trends, to minimize the amount of faulty products and to finally maximize the efficiency of your production.

Your Benefits

  • Improve your product quality
  • Reduce waste and minimize production costs
  • Maximize your throughput
  • Improve your decision making thanks to comprehensive insights
  • Optimize your maintenance and product changeover schedules

Why choosing IntraVisualizer?

  • Live monitoring of your production quality anywhere and anytime
  • Retrieve historical data to quickly manage customer claims
  • Compare and analyze the quality performance between products, shifts, batches, and days
  • Detect quality trends and identify anomalies before they become issues
  • Browser-based: available on any device
  • On-premise or cloud deployment based on your needs

Value for your Teams


for your quality team

  • Reduce time for data analysis
  • Assure quality standards
  • Accelerate material and product testing
  • Minimize recalls

for your management team

  • Monitor status of production
  • Identify training needs by comparing quality during different shifts
  • Gain strategic insights

for your manufacturing team

  • Identify cavity issues to plan product and mold changeovers
  • Investigate root-cause-relations to improve your production process
  • React quickly to unforeseen events
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Enjoy the flexibility and scalability of a cloud solution. No need of IT infrastructure. Leverage the simplicity of a hosted solution with automatic updates and backups.



Leverage your IT infrastructure hosting our IntraVisualizer software on your server and have full control over updates and backups.


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