The LabelWatcher inspects labels on objects such as bottles, jars, cans and containers - at up to 50 objects per second - inline in the rotary or linear labelling machine, or as a stand-alone solution behind the labeller.

Global players in the cosmetics, food, pharmaceutical, personal care and automotive industries use the turnkey inspection system to meet quality standards for their decoration and labelling products.

The LabelWatcher is user-friendly and time-saving: The user is able to adjust the system to a new label within a few minutes or to load the reference of an already known label within a few seconds. Additionally, extensive statistical functions display various information and trends, which enables an optimum operation of the production line.

The LabelWatcher allows you to create an interface between the labeling machine and the inspection system. Thus, it becomes possible to optimize your labelling process by reporting inspection results back to the ERP or QM system, which leads to less material and product waste.

General inspection criteria of the LabelWatcher:

  • Label presence
  • Label position
  • Label rotation

Optional inspection criteria of the LabelWatcher:

  • Label identity
  • Print errors
  • Fold and bubble detection
  • Presence of a batch code
  • Inspection for double labels
  • Offset of the artwork on the label (print-to-cut error)
  • Offset of the artwork on the object (artwork error)
  • Quality of print image (OCV)
  • Reading of plain text codes (e.g. UFI code with OCR)
  • Reading of barcodes and EAN codes
  • Reading of QR codes, data matrix codes and other 2D codes
  • Inspection of serialization numbers

Enhanced quality control of the LabelWatcher:

  • Inspection for properly positioned and closed closure
  • Inspection of bottle orientation
  • Color inspection: correct bottle for the dispensed label

Overall inspection of labels

Up to 3,000 objects per minute

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