High-performance feeder for beverage closures

With the INTRAVIS CapFeeder you get the most powerful feeder on the market for your closure production. With conveying speeds of more than 280,000 closures per hour, the CapFeeder forms an outstanding team in combination with the INTRAVIS CapWatcher®.

The savings potentials of the total cost of ownership (TCO) are particularly outstanding if you combine the CapFeeder with an INTRAVIS inspection system. At full capacity, an INTRAVIS Closure Line easily inspects, sorts, and packages the output of two 72-cavity machines with a 2-second cycle time - saving you a complete inspection line!

Different combinations of line layouts and intermediate buffers offer a wide range of configurations to meet different layout needs. In close cooperation with you, we will work out the optimal solution for your closure production.



  • Up to 288.000 parts / hour

Closure dimensions

  • Diameter 25 – 42 mm
  • Height 7 – 25 mm


Easy handling, high efficiency

In everyday use, the CapFeeder is characterized by easy and efficient handling. If closures are statically charged, the charge is completely neutralized by an integrated ion bar. This eliminates the risk of misaligned closures so the inspection line can reach its full potential.
Changing the closure design, for example from PCO1810 to PCO1881, can be done without tools and in just a few steps. Even larger format changes, such as from 26mm to 38mm, can be carried out in no time at all. The subsequent validation of your inspection system can be carried out quickly and easily thanks to the convenient infeed of the appropriate test parts.

The CapFeeder is an innovative, cost efficient and easy to handle solution, offering a truly valid produc-tion process with the security of high-quality closure production and great savings potential for your inspection line! Contact us. We are happy to help.

Z Cooling Conveyor

Your powerful closure cooling

The INTRAVIS’ Z-Cooling conveyor highlights include mobile stainless steel housing as well as low-wear and FDA-compliant modular chain belt conveyor. In addition, it can be connected to the IntraVision software making the conveyor an ideal component for your production line.


  • Up to 275.000 objects / hour


  •  Length: 4500 mm
  • Width: 600 mm
  • Height of filling level: 375 mm
  • Height of hand over: 1200 mm

Cross Conveyors

Your conveying solution for standard closures

The robust stainless steel housing and the low-wear, FDA-compliant modular chain belt conveyor as well as a well-defined interface to your injection molding machine, are just some of the highlights that make IN­TRAVIS cross conveyors the optimal component for your production line.

Our customizable funnel solutions enable integration into every injection molding machine!

As a reliable partner, INTRAVIS offers custom development for your needs, simple integration and worldwide service. Whether it’s a cross conveyor, the cooling conveyor or the vision inspection system with precise closure filling, INTRAVIS provides the entire downstream equipment of your closure production – everything from a single source.

high-performance periphery for beverage closures

in combination with the CapWatcher Q-Line

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