The SleeveWatcher is the first system exclusively designed for sleeve labels. Thus, the vision system guarantees a comprehensive 360° inspection at a speed of up to 15 objects per second. As a turnkey system, it can be easily integrated into your existing production line. Even not perfectly oriented objects can be easily inspected with the help of a rotation detection.

The specially arranged hardware and the IntraVision software are optimally adjusted to the challenging characteristics of this type of label. A completely new lighting technology produces a very homogeneous light, thereby minimizing sleeve-typical reflections and thus false rejects. With the help of the easy-to-use software user interface, the reference for a new product can be created within seconds.

In addition to the pure separation of faulty parts, the SleeveWatcher is particularly characterized by the collection of product-related quality data. The system provides very detailed statistics and diagrams about what specific defect type caused the ejection. Trends and possible countermeasures can be identified at an early stage.

The collected quality data also serve as the basis for comprehensive inspection reports to be submitted to your customers. As a result, you can provide in-depth information about the quality of your entire production down to individual batches or packaging units at any time.

At a glance:

  • Focus on specific sleeve characteristics with special hardware and software
  • Comprehensive 360° inspection even at highest production speeds
  • In-depth insights into your production quality through comprehensive statistics
  • Detailed reports about delivery quality for your customers
  • Smooth integration into your existing production line
  • Space saving design on 1 m²

Inspection criteria:

  • Label presence
  • Label identity
  • Smiling and frowning effects
  • Horizontal offset
  • Vertical offset
  • Local distortion
  • Folds
  • Holes
  • Gross print errors
  • Gross contaminations
  • Reading of plain text codes (e.g. UFI code with OCR)
  • Reading of barcodes and EAN codes
  • Reading of QR codes, data matrix codes and other 2D codes

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Application example

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