With the SpotWatcher Preconfigured systems, you cover all requirements for the quality inspection of plastic containers. No matter whether you want to inspect bottles or containers, opaque or transparent objects: with the pre-configured solutions in sizes M, L and XL, you will find the right standard system for every task.

With the SpotWatcher M, you get a system that already contains all necessary modules for the comprehensive inspection of the most important quality criteria for bottles and containers. With a small budget, you already have extensive assurance about the quality of your products. If you need to inspect a fill level line or the thread of your bottle, you can use the SpotWatcher L. The SpotWatcher XL not only offers the inspection functions of the smaller variants but also a clamping conveyor as a standard for the inspection of the bottom.

Possible inspection criteria

  • Object body
  • Contour
  • Base
  • Mouth
  • Thread
  • Thin walls
  • Fill level lines
  • Object shoulder
  • Label

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