Full control of the quality in your octabins

19 February 2021 INTRAVIS
Octabin statistics for quality assurance of preform deliveries | INTRAVIS

As a monitoring system, our PreMon is part of the basic equipment for inline quality inspection in preform production lines. A highlight is the extensive octabin statistics.

The octabin statistics gives you an overview of the quality in each individual octabin of the last 24 hours. The information provided ranges from the number of preforms per octabin to the amount of inspected and rejected parts. Moreover, the feature offers information about the specific types of defects.

Decide directly and well-informed on the basis of this data how to proceed with your octabins: whether a follow-up inspection in the warehouse is necessary or whether they can be delivered directly to the customer. No more uncertainty, no more unnecessary re-sorting! With the octabin statistics, you receive important information to make even more efficient decisions.

You can learn more about the octabin statistics as well as the possible applications in the following video: