PreMon awarded with iF Design Award

8 April 2021 INTRAVIS
PreMon wins IF Design Award for outstanding design

The PreMon from INTRAVIS has received the iF Design Award in the category "Product". Among almost 7,300 submitted entries, the preform monitoring system received one of the coveted seals of excellence for its design. It convinced the international jury both with its technology and its appearance.

"In our sector, the plastic packaging industry, the PreMon has already been very well received. Now, however, independent jurors from outside the industry have once again confirmed that we have created something quite extraordinary with this system. This makes us very happy and motivates us even more to continue focusing on special ideas in the future," said Dr. Gerd Fuhrmann, CEO of INTRAVIS GmbH, about the award.

PreMon: the Preform Monitoring System

The PreMon is an inline monitoring system for use in preform production. The preforms fall directly after the injection molding machine onto a conveyor belt with separating fins. These singling elements ensure that the preforms are arranged in parallel and thus provide a good inspection situation. With its five high-resolution cameras and under stroboscopic lighting, the PreMon permanently monitors the product flow for defects. These could be, for example, damage in the neck finish area, color deviations or even contamination in the entire preform. In the event of a fault, the proven algorithms of the IntraVision software send an appropriate signal to one of the 38 ejector nozzles in order to sort out the faulty preform. In this way, fewer faulty preforms enter the octabin or the further refining process. The newly developed octabin statistics also provide information for each packaging unit about the proportion of faulty preforms and the type of faults. This allows the machine operators to make a decision per octabin on the further use of the preforms or re-sorting of the pack.

INTRAVIS has also broken new ground in terms of design. Together with the Tübingen-based design agency defortec, the company developed a corporate design that takes into account not only aspects of functionality but also elements of corporate design. This includes the colours yellow, grey and black as well as the inclusion of the slash line from the INTRAVIS logo. In the form of a yellow, contrasting surface on the outside of the PreMon, this slash gives the system its striking and modern appearance. In order to make maintenance of the system as easy as possible, large, blackened glass doors were used on the side surfaces, which allow easy access to the conveyor system behind it.

Thus, the PreMon is outstanding both technically and in design - now even officially confirmed.