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Remote support by INTRAVIS service

1 March 2022 INTRAVIS
Remote support by INTRAVIS service

For many years now, remote support has been part of our service offering to solve your problems off-site. Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, we extended our portfolio of remote assistance services.

At INTRAVIS, we always use the latest technical options to support our customers with the best possible service. For many years, remote support has already been part of our service offering to solve your problems off-site. Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, we extended our portfolio by video calls combined with augmented reality technology.

The two ways of Remote Assistance

To boost the value of customer service, INTRAVIS combines two service offerings. With regard to remote support, our technicians access your INTRAVIS system remotely. Thus, most problems can be solved immediately. On top of this and in case of more specialized problems, remote guidance is possible. Thereby, our technician remotely guides local operators via video call enhanced with augmented reality AR technology. Whether hardware or software issues, troubleshooting or initial product setup: our customer has the option to choose the most suitable remote assistance service.

There are multiple benefits of remote assistance in comparison to phone calls or email conversations. Of course, service costs and costs related to downtime are minimized. Moreover, the service is quickly available since no travelling is necessary.

How it works

If a customer contacts us, our trained technicians evaluate case by case whether remote support or remote guidance is suitable to solve your issue. Afterwards, the technician will provide you with a support plan.

In case of remote support, the technician will connect directly to the INTRAVIS system via TeamViewer. Then he/she checks the status of the system and develops a solution for your specific issue.

In case of remote guidance, the customer needs to install only once the TeamViewer Pilot application on a smartphone, tablet, or smart glasses. For this, no login account is needed since the application provides an ID. After sharing the ID with us, our technician will guide you step by step through the intervention.

Smart glasses allow the operator to follow the technician's instructions hands-free. It has the advantage that the operator can completely concentrate on the system without holding a smartphone or user manual. For the INTRAVIS technician, smart glasses are beneficial since he/she sees exactly what the operator is seeing, allowing him/her to give the operator better instructions without missing any detail.

All-round carefree package

For a smoother remote assistance, our customers can book remote service packages including a specified amount of remote service hours. When a technician supports a customer remotely, the time is directly deducted from the customer’s package. After each session, the customer receives a confirmation with the remaining remote service time. In case of a service contract, the customer receives even more remote assistance hours since they already included in the service contract.