'You have to go many ways and must not stand still'

16 March 2023 INTRAVIS
'You have to go many ways and must not stand still'

At INTRAVIS, we are always on the lookout for new talent to strengthen our team. In doing so, we regularly strike out in new directions - such as with our new presence on the platform. Our Head of Software, Burkhard Zeiner, answered a few questions for us about this.

Burkhard, INTRAVIS has been active on the platform since the beginning of February. Explain to us briefly what exactly that is?

The platform is, as the name suggests, a platform for developers, or more precisely for software developers. Developers can register on the platform and solve various challenges. For each challenge they solve, they receive points that can be exchanged for rewards.

And how do we as INTRAVIS come into play here?

INTRAVIS has decided to sponsor one of these challenges. Everybody who completes this challenge will receive a short message from us, showing him or her that there are such exciting tasks to solve at INTRAVIS every day. We hope that we can inspire one or the other to apply for a job in our software.

In the first few days, more than 100 developers have already tried their hand at our challenge, and we already have several interested parties who want to submit their application documents or have already done so.

What kind of software developers is INTRAVIS currently looking for?

Currently, we are mainly looking for so-called full-stack developers. This is someone who is familiar with both the backend and the frontend of a cloud or IoT application and can program it.

Additionally, we are still looking for a group leader for the area of IoT and cloud applications. And of course, we also welcome applications for internships or as a research assistant.

What other ways does INTRAVIS search for new talent?

In addition to the typical channels such as job platforms, we also regularly offer job shadowing days where interested parties can look over the shoulders of our developers for a day. We are also represented at local events such as the Bonding Fair or Trainee Speed Dating. In the fight for the best talents, you have to go many ways and must not stand still.