A company that develops Industry 4.0 solutions for its customers should be a pioneer in the implementation of new ideas. That’s why we also use new technologies for our own internal processes. Here are two examples of how INTRAVIS will become INTRAVIS 4.0 thanks to Industry 4.0.

Development with digital twin

Imagine if we could digitally reconstruct your system with all current settings within a very short time and offer you an improvement of your Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).

This is not a dream of the future, but our reality today. With the help of so-called virtual CAN networks, we can simulate entire production lines. Based on this virtual information, our specialists are able to develop customized solutions to get a few percent more efficiency out of your system. This does not require long trips. Rather, it is possible to test these solutions with us, and without interrupting your production operation. And for us, working with real data means the possibility of further developments.

Digital twin with real data from the customer system

Assistance with problem solving in service

As a company where the software is at the center of our services, it is only logical for us to support many of our own processes with software and apps as well. For example, our service technicians write their travel reports quickly and in a standardized way, using automated tools. This allows problems and solutions to be directly correlated and stored.

Your advantage as a customer?  After the information is automatically transferred into our service database, we can find a solution even faster when a similar error occurs.


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