Top notch closure inspection

We are proud to present the latest closure inspection innovation the CapWatcher­® Q-Line with our partner Sumitomo (SHI) Demag (15 D22).

The CapWatcher® Q-Line has been optimized to inspect regular beverage closures in the most detailed, laboratory-like way.

On top of that, the high-precision product data of the closures and a variety of injection molding machine parameters will be fed to the latest solution, the IntraOptimizer.

The correlation and analysis of the product and process data now offers the unique possibility of process optimization with integrated success control by the inspection system.

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CapWatcher® Q-Line

With an inspection performance of over 5,000,000 closures per day and up to 40 inspection criteria per closure, you get a comprehensive overview of your current product quality with more than 200,000,000 cavity-related product data in 24 hours!

This allows you to make important decisions on production release or blocked goods on a well-founded database directly at the production line. Not after 24 hours - compared to a tactile laboratory instrument (96 closures / 24 hours).



Based on the comprehensive quality data of the CapWatcher® Q-Line, a variety of process data from your production machines as well as the unique know-how of your employees, an extensive knowledge database - specialized on your processes - arises.

Using machine learning algorithms, the IntraOptimizer® now generates target-oriented action recommendations and thus simplifies the daily work of your production employees, increases overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) and avoids time-consuming downtimes.



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