Thursday, 5. September 2019

INTRAVIS to have largest K show presence in its history

INTRAVIS GmbH, one of the world market leaders of vision inspection solutions for the plastic packaging industry, will have the largest trade show presence of its more than 25-year history at this year's K show in Dusseldorf (16. - 23.10.2019). In addition to improvements to its well-known products, the Aachen-based company will present revolutionary innovations in the field of preform inspection and analysis software.

INTRAVIS GmbH will be represented at this year's K trade fair with a total of eight systems and two additional new software developments. The fair appearance is thus the largest in the history of the company. Managing Director Dr. Gerd Fuhrmann is visibly delighted: "We are thrilled to be able to show products at so many other partner stands this year in addition to our own stand (11 A58) and thus present our wide range of solutions for the plastic packaging industry". We will be able to present systems for IML, preform and closure inspection. We will also show packaging producers what steps they can take together with us on the journey towards industry 4.0".

A world first at the INTRAVISbooth

INTRAVIS is still holding back information about the exhibit at its own booth. Dr. Fuhrmann only reveals: "We will present an absolute world novelty at our booth. The solution concerns the preform area and may be called truly revolutionary. We have worked for a long time to overcome the bottleneck in preform quality inspection; the result is spectacular and must be seen".

In addition to its own booth, INTRAVIS will also present the new preform innovation at the booth of its longtime partner Husky Injection Molding Systems S.A. (13 A61). "We have worked closely and successfully with Husky to develop and market the LayerWatcher, a non-destructive inspection system for preform barrier testing. It was obvious to us that we’d also like to present our latest preform development with Husky”", says Markus Juppe, CMO of INTRAVIS GmbH.

The inline quality lab

One of the highlights already announced to the public will be the CapWatcher® Q-Line, to be presented for the first time at a European trade show at the partner booth of Sumitomo (SHI) Demag Plastics Machinery GmbH (15 D22). The inspection system, which is optimized for the quality inspection of standard beverage closures, convinces above all with its innovative inspection solutions and the abundance of high-quality information that it supplies about each inspected closure. The CapWatcher® Q-Line not only checks up to 60 closures per second on typical features, such as sealing elements, threads and the tamper evident band, but for the first time an inline inspection system also measures the temperature of the closures. "Especially in connection with our reliable and robust cavity reading, temperature measurement generates real added value. The comprehensive statistics of our system show at a glance if the temperature distribution in the mold is not balanced or individual cavities are out of line. Furthermore, the temperature measurement in the CapWatcher® Q-Line helps customers to accurately predict the shrinkage behavior of their closures, thereby providing important information for optimizing the injection molding process. Process optimization is also the key term with regards to Industry 4.0 - and determining the temperature of each individual closure is an absolute must-have! This is the only way to ensure that only fresh data is taken into account  during optimization."

Software innovation together with CapWatcher® Q-Line

In combination with the CapWatcher® Q-Line, visitors can expect a special Industry 4.0 highlight. After successfully implementing a closed loop at Drinktec 2017, INTRAVIS will be presenting the next phase at this year's K show.

During ongoing production, the CapWatcher® Q-Line provides high-precision, comprehensive data regarding closure diameter, height, under molding and much more. The inspection system feeds this information into the newly developed IntraOptimizer® in real time. At the same time, IntraOptimizer® receives a large amount of important process data from the injection molding machine, hot runner controller or cavity pressure via a robust OPC UA interface according to the EUROMAP standard. Correlation and analysis of the product and process data now offer the unique possibility for the inspection system to control process optimization.

Does this sounds very complex? - It is! But not for the operator in the production plant. With the help of a well-founded database and machine learning algorithms, the operator only receives a weighted selection of different recommendations. On the one hand, the continuous production monitoring of the CapWatcher® Q-Line means that the success of the optimization is checked immediately. On the other hand, the software teaches itself and becomes even more precise in its recommendations. Eventually this leads to a complete automation of the optimization process – a true Industry 4.0 application.

Strong performance in the IML segment

INTRAVIS also makes a record-breaking appearance in the decoration inspection market. A total of four IMLWatcher® turnkey systems for the inspection of IML packaging will be exhibited at various partner booths. Included for the first time: an IML dedicated version of the IntraVision inspection software, which is completely tailored towards IML defects.

The new software is characterized by a simplified product setup. New references can now be transferred from an existing reference within seconds using a drag & drop principle or quick reference mode during ongoing measurement operation. In addition, new, comprehensive statistical functions ensure a clear presentation of data, enabling an optimal analysis of the production line.

The inspections were also improved once again. Slight twisting of the object in front of the camera is no longer a challenge, so that a correct inspection result is still achieved. A millimeter-precise positioning of the test object in front of the camera is therefore no longer necessary. In addition, all IMLWatcher® are equipped with the IntraVisualizer® trend and analysis software. It simultaneously evaluates the machine and process data of all INTRAVIS systems used by the customer as well as, for the first time, the other machines connected to the production lines. Furthermore, the IntraVisualizer visualizes all data graphically and reveals trends and serial errors before they occur. All IntraVisualizer® will be able to access data collected live on-site at the trade show and thus provide a real-time picture of the production at the booth. If desired, interested parties can even operate the IntraVisualizer® on their own mobile phone.

At the booths of partners Beck Automation AG (12 A51-03), BMB S.p.A. (13 A33), Krauss Maffei High Performance AG (15 D24) and Enelkon (12 A36), interested visitors will get more information about the IMLWatcher® system, its new software and the IntraVisualizer®.

Smart camera solution for printing machine

The IntraOne® is the smallest system in the long list of INTRAVIS inspection systems.. The one-camera solution will be integrated into a printing system of partner company Tampoprint (4 C46). In this application, the system inspects for the presence and accuracy of a laser engraving on the inner head plate of standard beverage closures.


INTRAVIS will be presenting its complete portfolio of inspection solutions at the K show: from the budget-friendly one-camera solution to the high-end closure inspection system with eight cameras, from the progressive IML to the revolutionary preform application. In addition, the promised world novelties are certainly worth a visit.

Exhibits of INTRAVIS GmbH

The systems and software of INTRAVIS GmbH can be found at the following booths:

Booth number



11 A58


World first for preform inspection

13 A61

Husky Injection Molding Systems S.A

World first for preform inspection

15 D22

Sumitomo (SHI) Demag Plastics Machinery GmbH

CapWatcher® Q-Line incl. CapFeeder & world first IntraOptimizer®

12 A51-03

Beck Automation AG

IMLWatcher® & IntraVisualizer®

13 A33


IMLWatcher® & IntraVisualizer®

15 D24

KraussMaffei High Performance AG

IMLWatcher® & IntraVisualizer®

12 A36


IMLWatcher® & IntraVisualizer®

4 C46




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