You want the security of high-quality closures? You want to maximize your profits and get more out of your production? You want to master your processes and avoid the production of faulty closures? The CapWatcher® Q-Line is the answer to all these wishes!

The CapWatcher® Q-Line brings the quality lab to your production line. With eight high resolution cameras, accuracies in the hundredth of a millimeter range, and more than 40 inspection criteria per cap, the CapWatcher® Q-Line collects, visualizes, and provides up to 144,000 cavity based measured data in just one minute, at a rate of 60 closures per second evaluation. Due to the concentrated performance, the system offers the security of really good closures already on the production line - not just after the evaluation by your quality lab.

Your advantages: Individual cavities can be specifically controlled, new resins or master batches can be sampled and retracted comfortably and quickly, material fatigue can be detected early on and necessary maintenance work can be planned accordingly.

Above all, of course, the performance of your closure! The tamper evident band, threads and sealing elements must be perfect to ensure the function of the closure. That's why the focus is on exactly these elements. For the first time, we use the CapWatcher® Q-Line to check the cut quality of the tamper evident band. This allows early detection of worn knives or problems with blade’s temperature. A working thread is essential for the full performance of a closure. Therefore, we check the entire thread with a self-developed optics for damage to the threads. Smallest notches or missing material on the sealing elements - regardless of whether one- or two-piece closures - can lead to uncontrolled degassing or the ingress of foreign substances. To prevent this, two independent inspection stations check the sealing elements for their functionality.

For the first time, the temperature of each individual closure is measured. This will allow you to determine the shrinkage behavior of a closure and ensure that the closure has exactly the dimension it needs at the time of application. Further, each closure receives a unique timestamp by the sensed temperature. In times of networked production lines, the measured dimensions for feedback to an injection molding machine can be weighted accordingly. This minimizes disturbances and optimizes controls.

The array of criteria the CapWatcher® Q-Line tests can be found in our product flyer!

All round-inspection of your closures

144.000 cavity based product data per minute

Product flyer

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