The IMLWatcher is the complete package for vision inspection of your IML-decorated products. Hardware optimally adapted to your production line is combined with software that is exclusively designed to detect IML-specific defects, thereby creating a turnkey and ready-to-use IML inspection system!

The Quick Reference Mode leads to particular time saving, since it allows for the automatic creation of a new reference during ongoing measuring operation within a few seconds. Morever, the clearly structured user interface facilitates a simple operation and offers new and advanced statistical functions. Thus, an extensive production analysis becomes possible.

Inspection criteria of the IMLWatcher:

  • Label presence
  • Label identity
  • Label position (vertical, horizontal)
  • Printing error on label
  • Overlapping areas and gaps at the label joint
  • Blow-byes
  • Color inspection of the label at the injection point
  • Print-to-cut offset of the label
  • Offset of the artwork on the object
  • Contaminations
  • Inspection for short shots and long shots at object edges (optional)
  • Inspection of the undecorated inner surface of the object
  • Inspection of various codes (e.g. barcode, data matrix code, batch code)

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