The LayerWatcher simplifies and accelerates the inspection of barrier layers in PET preforms. In a non-destructive inspection process, the system fully inspects for the presence and the layer thickness of the barrier material.

Get results faster

The preforms are given as a shot into the system and are identified by their cavity numbers. In about 45 seconds, it inspects up to 100,000 measuring points. After this, the results allow different visualizations whether it is a visualization of individual layers or a comprehensive 3D overall image of the preform. In addition, you will receive the results summarized in exportable quality reports with all important information about the barrier layers.

Thanks to the prompt, detailed feedback, you optimize your production process faster and reduce the production of rejects.

Your advantages

  • Non-destructive layer quality inspection in an independent system
  • Check for the presence of layers and the layer thickness in desired areas of clear and translucent preforms
  • Material layer defects are found within 45 seconds
  • Fast feedback reduces possible production of rejects
  • Identification of inspected objects by automatic cavity number reading
  • Exportable statistics and measurement protocols for each preform set
  • Easy-to-use software with intuitive 3D layer visualization to support your quality lab
  • Ejector for good and bad parts

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