While the preforms are being conveyed to the packaging unit, PreMon delivers real-time quality results of your transparent, translucent and opaque preforms. Due to its minimal footprint, the PreMon can easily be integrated between the injection molding machine and the packaging unit. The system combines a revolutionary massive parallel orientation technology with a preform monitoring concept. Active conveying at production speed ensures a smooth production process. With the option PreMon PLUS, you can add an active bad part ejector.

PreMon provides a quality overview of your preforms at all times. Analyses, trends and alarms help you to further expand your production know-how. Simply integrate the PreMon into your production line and expand your existing quality inspection concept!

At a glance

  • Gives you immediate production feedback after injection
  • Massive Parallel Conveying, Orientation and Monitoring of your preforms
  • High volume inspection of significant preform quality characteristics
  • Pareto principle: less than 20% costs for up to 70% inspection
  • With the option PreMon PLUS, an active bad part ejector is available

Inspection criteria

  • Contaminations
  • Color
  • Length of injection point
  • Short shots
  • Ovality
  • Defects at the top sealing surface

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