Successful Tethered Caps Inspection

On 2nd July 2019, the EU published a regulation to reduce plastic waste that involves a regulation with regard to closures on plastic beverage bottles: Plastic closures must remain attached to the bottles from July 2024 at the latest. This presents extensive challenges to the industry. However, the high quality of your plastic closure production can be guaranteed.

INTRAVIS' CapWatcher Q-Line is already prepared for the new EU regulation since the system comprises special tethered cap inspection features.

Can your inspection system inspect tethered caps?

We would be happy to check it for you

Your existing INTRAVIS closure system is probably already able to inspect common tethered caps. However, if you attach importance to user convenience, you might decide for the usage of a premium tethered cap design. In this case, the special camera and lighting setup of the CapWatcher Q-Line focuses on the inspection of typical premium elements on the inside and outside of the cap.

Not sure whether your INTRAVIS system is ready for your tethered caps? No worries! We check for you the impact of your new closure design. Just contact us for a full review of the Tethered Caps Readiness of your INTRAVIS system.

The CapWatcher® Q-Line delivers up to 144,000 cavity-related data per minute

A real-life example

The CapWatcher Q-Line already inspects the tethered caps of our partner Husky Injection Molding Systems.

A specially designed camera and lighting setup focuses on the inspection of tethered caps typical elements on the inside and outside of the cap. As a result, the system ensures that 100% of your closures are fully functional when they leave the production line.

Let us ensure a high production quality of your tethered caps as well!