Successful Tethered Caps Inspection

On 2nd July 2019, the EU published a regulation to reduce plastic waste that involves a regulation with regard to closures on plastic beverage bottles: Plastic closures must remain attached to the bottles from July 2024 at the latest. This presents extensive challenges to the industry. However, the high quality of your plastic closure production can be guaranteed.

INTRAVIS' CapWatcher Q-Line is already prepared for the new EU regulation since the system comprises special tethered cap inspection features. Watch the video to see how the CapWatcher Q-Line is able to inspect the tethered caps of our partner Husky Injection Molding Systems. Let us ensure a high production quality of your tethered caps as well!

Upgrade your closure inspection line

Exchange your CapWatcher with a new Q-Line

Tethered caps inspection is now available for the CapWatcher Q-Line. A switch to tethered cap inspection is easier than you expect: Your existing high-performance periphery stays the same and can still be used. It is possible to just replace your previous CapWatcher with a CapWatcher Q-Line. 

Your benefits

  • The latest inspection features for a high-quality production of your tethered caps
  • Less costs due to the continued use of your already existing periphery
  • Compliance with the new EU regulations regarding tethered caps
  • All new features that come along with a CapWatcher Q-Line

The CapWatcher Q-Line

The CapWatcher Q-Line brings the quality lab into your production line. The system collects, visualizes, and provides up to 144,000 cavity-based measured data in just one minute, at an evaluation rate of 60 closures per second. The focus is placed on the performance of the closure. Find out more.

新的CapWatcher Q-Line每分钟提供多达144,000个基于模腔号的数据

新的CapWatcher Q-Line每分钟提供多达144,000个基于模腔号的数据 © INTRAVIS