INTRAVIS customer service now also available via WhatsApp

18 January 2023 INTRAVIS
Service Chat via WhatsApp for fast service in case of issues and questions with vision inspection system

From now on, you can reach our customer service in even more ways. In addition to email and telephone, we have been offering a Service Chat via WhatsApp since the beginning of the year.

In three simple steps, you get in touch with us using the Service Chat:

  1. Click on the help button in your INTRAVIS system.
  2. Scan the QR code with your cell phone.
  3. The chat will open in WhatsApp and you can get started.

The opening message already contains the serial number of your system, so that our technicians can assign your request directly to the correct system. To display the QR code on the user interface, your system only needs to be equipped with the latest IntraVision version V14.

Your system is not yet running on IntraVision V14? No problem. Contact our customer service and ask for the contact number for the Service Chat.

Currently the function is only available for customers of INTRAVIS GmbH.

Watch the video to find out how easy it is to reach the new Service Chat: